Oil & Vinegar

Albert Adria Caviaroli Drops Black Olive 40g


CAVIAROLI was born in 2011 as a result of the previous two years of work by 2 of its founding partners, Ramon Sr. and Ramon Jr., both engineers with extensive experience in the fields of mechanics, electronics, chemistry, biotechnology, and the most importantly: thinking disruptively. They solved a problem that many had considered unsolvable: Encapsulate the olive oil in such a way that the oil would not undergo modifications and would remain liquid inside.

Once the problem was solved, they shared their product with Ferran Adrià, elBulli chef, who immediately identified the potential of this new ingredient and incorporated it into his menu. From there, other great chefs on the Spanish scene became clients and the natural step was to start working with distributors who would deliver the products to the kitchens of the best chefs in Spain and the rest of the world.

Since then CAVIAROLI has grown to be present in more than 20 countries and have a presence in many of the best restaurants in the world.

An ideal gift for the real foodie in your life, these spheres of black olive juice from Aragon (crushed table olives) can be served alone in a catering spoon, a Japanese soup spoon, or in a normal dessert spoon resting on the edge of the plate or tray where it is presented, or used to garnish dishes.  

CAVIAROLI is a taste explosion of intense olive flavour. Almond shaped and with a maximum diameter of approximately 20 mm, they have an intense black color and a denser texture, with features that make it look a lot like a real black olive.

A classic aperitif of molecular or avant-garde cuisine ready to use and consume. The spherical olives are contained in a mixture of brine and extra virgin olive oil to improve their conservation and so that when they are removed from the bottle they have a thin layer of high quality oil that gives them shine and a great aroma.

Suggestions for use:

- Pickle salads
- With smoked
- With cod either desalted (esqueixada) or cooked.
- Vegetable salads