Oil & Vinegar

MaltO Malt Vinegar - 500ml


The taste of malt vinegar aged in oak barrels is one you might not expect: full-bodied, delicate, soft to taste, and finely sweet and sour. MaltO is a barley malt vinegar that has a sweet and aromatic taste, for those who are looking for new flavours and like to experiment by creating unexpected and tasty combinations.

Ageing in barrels, in the same manner as balsamic vinegar, gives malt vinegar the inimitable aroma of wood that make it particularly refined.

Try it on vegetables and salads, meat, fish, or sushi. Its aromatic flavour goes perfectly with exotic recipes, but also with traditional dishes. So versatile that in international cuisine it is used to season dishes as diverse as fish & chips, tacos, and kimchi, malt vinegar is the ideal ingredient if you’re looking for something new to taste.