Bacanha Syrup - Violet 400ml


The Brut range by BACANHA offers a collection of syrups made from carefully selected raw materials. Their syrups are ideal for adding a touch of originality to cocktails, mocktails, lattes, and other drinks.

A quality syrup depends entirely on its ingredients, natural extracts in particular. BACANHA therefore set out in search of the best aromas of natural origin to compose the syrups of the Brut range.

These are less sweet than a classic syrup, but they are also more concentrated in natural flavours and extracts, therefore offering unparalleled aromatic power.

This violet syrup is a mild concentrate of this famous flower. Its scent is delicious and its flavour sweet and floral. BACANHA has created a natural recipe without colouring.

The raw violet syrup is perfect for cocktails, mocktails, lemonade, and iced tea recipes, or simply added to sparkling water.

Handcrafted in France.