Emile Henry Cheese Baker Provence


The Emile Henry Cheese Baker is ideal for preparing cheese to be served hot: melted brie-based appetizers, mini-fondue or French ‘raclette’ style dinner. Whether it is brie, mozzarella or goat cheese, simply place the cheese in the baker, leave it plain or add a sweet or savoury garnish, close the lid and put in the oven. Once baked, serve directly in the baker.

Once baked the cheese—warm throughout and decadently creamy—is ready to spread on toasts or crackers, or pour over steamed veggies and meat. Or simply serve as a dip with chunks of bread.

The practical lid helps keep the cheese moist and infuses the flavours. It also helps retain smells and keeps the cheese hot until served, and warm throughout the service. The bright glaze is resistant, non-porous, durable and easy to clean.

The Emile Henry Cheese Baker is versatile and can be use for other baking and cooking as well!