Emile Henry Flame Series Stew Pot 5.3L


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Emile Henry is one of the largest ceramic manufacturers in Europe and was founded in 1850 by M. Jacques Henry, a potter by trade, who operated a small workshop in Marcigny, southern Burgundy. Emile Henry uses Burgundy clay in the manufacturing process. The clay from the Burgundy region of France has unique mineral and molecular properties that contribute to form a material that conducts, distributes and retains cooking heat more efficiently than most materials. Emile Henry oven-to-tableware pieces are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and durable for everyday use.

Emile Henry stewpots offer all the advantages of cooking in ceramic: slow, even cooking which brings out the flavours of your ingredients. The lid makes sure the flavoured condensation circulates inside thanks to the dots underneath.

Emile Henry stewpots are designed for use on the stove top and in the traditional oven. Easy to clean, they are dishwasher safe and will not lose their colour. Gas, halogen, electric and ceramic hobs, oven, microwave safe. Capacity: 5.3L