Mary MacLeod's Butterscotch Shortbread Crumbs


These versatile crumbs are a baker's dream come true! Made from Mary MacLeod's delicious Butterscotch Bars.

In true Scottish fashion – in case you didn’t know, the Scots are a frugal people! – the sweet discovery came about, when after the bars had been hand-cut and trimmed for packaging, Mary gathered the bits, ground them into crumbs, and used them to bake her divine Butterscotch Crumble Apple Pie for staff and family. That was in the early days, when Mary MacLeod's only produced the bars at Christmas. Once the bars went into year ‘round production – in 2009 – there were enough crumbs for everyone! So, now they're sold in pretty, red, foil bags with a recipe for a Butterscotch Berry Crumble on the back.

And yes, just like Mary’s famous, small-batch shortbread, the Butterscotch Crumbs are made by hand, from the same quality ingredients as always.