Peychaud's Bitters Aromatic - 148ml


The history of the Sazerac company began simply around the cocktail of the same name. Antoine Amédée Peychaud, the creator of the very famous Peychaud bitters, had concocted this beverage during festive late evenings that took place at his pharmacy in New Orleans. The cocktail's popularity spread throughout the city, and it eventually became the flagship refreshment of an establishment opened in 1850. It then acquired its name. In 1869, Thomas H. Handy purchased this bar, along with the rights to the making of Peychaud's bitters, and began bottling the Sazerac cocktail. The growing production gave life to a company, which gradually turned to the distillation of fine spirits. The Sazerac company now owns 7 renowned distillery.

Peychaud's Aromatic bitters are famously a required ingredient for the classic Sazerac cocktail and are also used as a standard aromatic bitters in many other cocktails. Their distinct flavour and bright red hue make them a perfect float on a frothy sour or to liven up everything from simple Rye and Gingers to complex Negronis.

Tasting Notes: Anise, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, slight sweetness, cherry, plum and berry, highly bitter, red currants, light tartness, numbing medicinal herbs.

ABV 35%
148ml / 4 oz bottle
Made in New Orleans