SodaStream Crystal Starter Set


The SodaStream system makes water exciting! Turn tap water into sparkling water with the press of a button. Each Sparkling Water Maker comes with either a plastic BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle or a glass reusable carbonating bottle. They also come with a CO2 cylinder, which creates the carbonation. Once your sparkling water is made, you can make it even more exciting with Sparkling Flavour Mixes. When you're out of gas, the empty cylinder can be exchanged at Jill’s Table for a special gas-only price.

The SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker seamlessly combines elegance and functionality with its stylish art deco design. It lets you craft and serve fresh sparkling water in a stylish glass carafe that will dress up any dining table.

Contains: SodaStream Crystal Sparking Water Maker, carbonating cylinder, 620ml capacity Glass Carafe with fizz-preserving cap.

*Please note that this machine only works with the glass carafes.*