Teisseire Syrup Rose - 700ml


With over 300 years of experience, Teisseire has become the number one syrup brand in France. Its founder, Mathieu Teisseire, established its first distillery in the French Alps in 1720. Today, Teisseire is known as the expert at capturing all flavours' essence and making it available to everyone! Teisseire, with a wide variety of flavours that will enhance any drink and add a touch of French flair to your favourite beverages and desserts without any preservatives.

This syrup is reminiscent of the sweetness of oriental pastries. It maintains its original aroma and gentle sweetness, whether enjoyed as an elegant cocktail or luxurious topping for desserts. Teisseire rose syrup is the queen of flavour, adding floral beauty to sodas, cocktails, and mocktails.