Terra del Tuono Balsamic Pearls 50g


Balsamic Pearls are small spheres of soft consistency which enclose the finest balsamic vinegar, preserving its exquisite taste intact and concentrating its rich scents and aromas into a harmonious symphony of flavors. The Balsamic Pearls embody an innovative way to serve a classic and authentic Italian product. Having an appearance similar to that of caviar, these small gems of pleasure allow both the palate and the spirit to indulge.

They have a strong yet sophisticated impact, perfect to enhance gourmet and fine
gastronomy. They constitute an original and inventive tactic to add character and flavor, enriching the taste of meat and fish, finger foods, appetizers, vegetables and fruits, ice cream, and sweets.

Balsamic Pearls are an exceptionally modern concept that are placed at the peak of haute cuisine, acting as a valuable tool for chefs while delivering a refined taste of the Italian culture and tradition.