Favuzzi Tomato Sauce Puttanesca 480ml


Favuzzi sauces are artisanal products prepared in small batches to preserve their colour and aromas. A few locally sourced seasonings are added, such as Sicilian oregano, Calabrian hot peppers and basil and parsley from Abruzzo. When you don’t have the time to prepare a complicated meal, a bottle of Favuzzi sauce combined with artisanal Italian pasta will transport you to one of Rome’s finest restaurants, while those with Italian roots will be reminded of Sunday lunches with the famiglia.

Favuzzi's hearty puttanesca-style tomato sauce contains pine nuts as well as capers and green olive pieces, giving it a flavour and fragrance that recall a blend of mustard, black pepper and lemon.

Puttanesca tomato sauce is traditionally served with spaghetti or, alternatively, with penne. Add anchovies for a saltier version, or a spoonful of Favuzzi hot chili purée or spicy Italian herb mix if you're in the mood for extra heat. It's also a great starting point for a chicken cacciatore recipe.