Favuzzi Tomato Sauce Toscana 480ml


Favuzzi sauces are artisanal products prepared in small batches to preserve their colour and aromas. A few locally sourced seasonings are added, such as Sicilian oregano, Calabrian hot peppers and basil and parsley from Abruzzo. When you don’t have the time to prepare a complicated meal, a bottle of Favuzzi sauce combined with artisanal Italian pasta will transport you to one of Rome’s finest restaurants, while those with Italian roots will be reminded of Sunday lunches with the famiglia.

Made with slow-cooked, melt-in-your-mouth tomatoes, Favuzzi's Tuscan-style sauce also features a hint of caramelized red pepper and a touch of garlic. It could be described as the most "classic" Italian sauce, since all its aromatic notes play up the taste of fresh tomatoes in perfect harmony. 

This classic tomato sauce is a must-have for all your pasta dishes. It can also be used as an ingredient in pappa al pomodoro, a traditional Tuscan soup made with stale bread, which is just as good served hot, cold or at room temperature