Goulibeur Butter Shortbread in Wooden Box - 380g


Based in Poitou in France, Goulibeur is a family company specializing in Broyé de Poitou - an all butter shortbread. Cooked in the farms of of the region, the Broyé de Poitou is shared on all occasions. It follows the rhythm of seasons and accompanies farm and family events.

The Broyé de Poitou recipe is passed from one generation to another in every family and each one has its secret. Brigitte Arnaud-Boué’s (the company’s founder) holds the recipe from her grandmother Paulette. The memory of the flavour of her Broyé de Poitou remains forever associated with the taste of childhood. "My Grandmother used to add flaked almonds and homemade brandy".

Since 1976 Goulibeur continues the history of taste and tradition. In the past, this large household cake or assembly cake was part of every celebration, we prepared it and shared it together. The recipe has remained the same for over 100 years, very simple and yet so complex to succeed.

As tradition dictates, all you have to do is break it with a hit in the center and everyone takes a piece according to their appetite!