Ken Hom Cleaver Stainless Steel 7"


Ken Hom's Excellence Stainless Steel Cleaver services as an invaluable kitchen companion that's capable of easily slicing through a dish's largest and toughest portions. This kitchen cleaver implements an ultra sharp stainless steel blade that's capable of removing the effort from cutting through your tougher kitchen prep work. Large meats and even bone present minimal to zero opposition when faced with this blade. Comfort and ease of use have been addressed with the cleaver's full-tang handle. Offering tremendous balance and weight, the handle will rest comfortably in your hands while remaining durable enough to provide continuous use in the kitchen.

  • 10 in. ultra-sharp cleaver cuts easily through thicker meats, bone and a variety of other foods.
  • Full-tang handle provides great balance and weight while remaining durable for long-term use.
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher. Hand wash only.

To Chinese cooks, the cleaver is an all-purpose cutting instrument that makes all other knives unnecessary. I wouldn't go into any kitchen without mine. Once you gain facility with a cleaver, you will see how it can be used on all types of food to slice, dice, chop, fillet, shred, crush or whatever. - Ken Hom