La Rochere Long Drink Bee 12oz


La Rochère has been making traditional French glassware since 1475 and is the oldest continuously running glass factory in Europe, producing beautiful and sturdy heavy glass products in the historic traditional method. The old world feel and personality is the sign of authentic La Rochère glass.

La Rochère is located in the forests of the Lorraine and Franche-Comte regions which provided the firewood to heat the furnaces as well as ferns whose ashes provide the potash necessary for the fusion of glass. Each piece of La Rochère glassware is made of a very durable and clear glass completely lead free. Originally created by French glass artisans, each piece represents a true piece of art and history from France, celebrating the glorious creativity of the French people.

These long drink glasses will add instant charm to your kitchen table. Use them for everything from iced tea and lemonade to tall drinks of water. The Long Drink Glass from the Napoleon Bee collection of La Rochère are made of pressed glass and are characterized by bees with their original design referring to historical connotations.

Volume: 12oz

Dishwasher safe

Made in France