Barbera Olia Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml


Olià, an oil created by women for women, to celebrate those who bring creativity and dedication to their cooking every day, whether in haute cuisine or at the kitchen table.

This project has been conceived and spearheaded by the women of Premiati Oleifici Barbera, who form the beating heart of the workforce in this historic Sicilian company, where women just so happen to account for over 60% of workers.

Olià intrigues and seduces with its understated, attractive packaging, the sinuous curves of the bottle and the pastel pink of the label: all evoking a world of femininity.

Olià comes from a selection of Biancolilla olives, an ancient Sicilian cultivar, resulting in a sweet and balanced olive oil that lovingly accompanies the flavours of Italian cuisine.

100% Biancolilla Olives

Product of Italy