OXO Scoop & Strain Skimmer


Whether you're boiling, blanching or frying the OXO Good Grips Scoop & Strain Skimmer is the perfect tool to remove pasta, vegetables and pan or deep-fried foods while leaving all liquid behind. Featuring a wire coil design that ensures even the most delicate of foods won't be damaged, the Skimmer's deep, open basket is constructed for safe and efficient straining. An upgraded longer, angled handle and soft, non-slip grip enhance the Skimmer's safety by keeping hands far away from hot oil or water.

  • Scoops and strains blanched, boiled or fried foods
  • Wire coil design prevents food damage
  • Deep, open basket constructed for efficient straining
  • Long, angled handle
  • Soft, non-slip grip handle
  • Stainless steel, Dishwasher safe