Staub French Oven 3.75Qt Graphite with Trivet

$299.99 $520.00

STAUB originates from Alsace, France, a French region famous worldwide for its culinary tradition and good food.

STAUB products perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. STAUB is not only used in the kitchens of prestigious restaurants, but also in the domestic kitchen as amateur chefs and home cooks prepare, cook and serve at the dining table with STAUB.

With sloping, tapered sides best suited for stirring, Staub's French Oven is ideal for making creamy risotto, slow-simmering soup, stews and tagines, as well as French classics like coq au vin. With the depth of a sauté pan and the curved sides of a skillet, the Staub French Oven is a kitchen mainstay. The lid features the a striking fleur-de-lis, heart, and flower motif.

The innovative domed Chistera lid has interior spikes that promote self-basting to keep food moist. The multicoat enameling creates a glossy, vibrantly coloured finish that resembles fine ceramics.

Set includes a matching trivet with Lily design.