Wusthof Double Serrated Bread Knife Classic Ikon 9"


Wusthof is recognized worldwide as a specialist in outstanding knives. Ambitious home cooks and professional chefs appreciate the first-class quality of forged Wusthof knives. Wusthof is a 7th generation family business since 1814 with production of its knives taking place in Solingen, Germany. More than 40 processes are involved in making Wusthof knives and strict quality checks throughout the entire production process guarantee a consistently outstanding level of quality.

The double serrated edge of this knife guides the blade through tough crust without compressing the soft inside of the bread. The double serrated bread knife differs from a traditional edged bread knife because it contains an additional serration in between the teeth. This second serration never comes into contact with foods or cutting boards during use, which is what causes a blade to dull. With proper use, the double serration will never need to be sharpened.

The CLASSIC IKON series combines perfect ergonomics, excellent balance and ultimately sharp blades with a timeless design. Thanks to their special shaping, the knives are well-balanced and their ergonomic handles make them comfortable to hold. The handle shells are made from special synthetic material and are durably riveted, making them completely hygienic and easy to use. They are recommended for everyday effortless kitchen use by home cooks and professional chefs alike.